The Newcomen Society

The Newcomen Society was founded in 1920 and takes its name from Thomas Newcomen, who invented the first practical working steam engine around 1712. We cover all aspects of engineering from ancient times to the present and are currently in our centenary year (2020). Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, previously planned celebrations are on hold but we hope to run the full schedule some time in 2021.

Since 1920 we have published over a 1000 papers in The Journal, which are an invaluable archive of original research material for historians and available in The Archive, which is free to members, while Non-members are free to browse and purchase. Newcomen Links is the society’s quarterly magazine.

Regular events are held in various locations and include lectures, study days and conferences.

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The Newcomen Newsletter

Newcomen Newsletter – Edition 5

An artistic insight into steelmaking technology and working conditions 100 years ago, the ship that carried the fatal cargo of ammonium nitrate to Beirut, and the twists and turns of civil nuclear power generation in Britain + news of the latest Journal, on-line lectures, more websites and a book recommendation.

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Newcomen Newsletter – Edition 4

Bob Gwynne discusses the impact of lockdown on conservation groups - A back-street invention of a respirator for polio (with echoes of the Covid crisis) at Willcocks Engineering - Watt’s Kettle by Frances Green + Newcomen News, web-links, more reading & a free ride on Melbourne's cable trams.

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