Newcomen Helps Save Sydney Industrial Museum

The Society has campaigned for the retention of The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia, one of the world’s leading science and technology museums. Engines on display include an early house-built Bolton & Watt rotative beam engine and a Maudslay beam engine.

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Newcomen Researchers Refute Claim That Stephenson Built Hetton Locomotive

Dr Michael Bailey and Peter Davidson conducted a forensic analysis of the steam locomotive Lyons, claimed to have been designed by George Stephenson and to pre-date Locomotion I (1825) and Rocket (1829).

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Beautiful Engineering Technique

We explore fifty years of history of the Clevedon firm of Willcocks featuring pink elephants, flying saucers and all. This versatile firm pioneered polishing machines for microscopes, a portable respirator for polio victims and turned its hand to a range of difficult projects no one else would undertake.

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