Rhosus – The Vessel That Carried The Beirut Ammonium Nitrate

The Rhosus, built in 1986 by Tokuoka Zosen KK, Naruto, Tokushima on the island of Shikoku, South West Japan, was 27-years old when she arrived in Beirut with her cargo of ammonium nitrate in 2013.

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Steelmaking Technology and a Trade Union Banner

A trade union banner from 1920 featuring a set of eleven paintings of steelworks around the UK, sheds light not only on the technology of the times but also the working conditions and social relationships between workers. These paintings by British artist Herbert Finn were originally commissioned for the banner and offer a snapshot of the UK steel industry a century ago as it emerged from the First World War.

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Beautiful Engineering Technique

We explore fifty years of history of the Clevedon firm of Willcocks featuring pink elephants, flying saucers and all. This versatile firm pioneered polishing machines for microscopes, a portable respirator for polio victims and turned its hand to a range of difficult projects no one else would undertake.

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