About the Author: Philip Richard P. Ingram

Philip was an early student at The University Of East Anglia, graduating in Biological Sciences. He was recruited into ICI Mond Division's Mathematics Department: as a Mathematician in a Chemical company with a Biology degree, he felt he complied with UEA's motto "Do Different" (Norfolk accent, please). In using Philip as a "generalist", ICI recognised that he knew something about many things in general but not enough about anything in particular. This 'licensed ignorance' proved invaluable for a career in IT as it made asking questions with 'obvious' answers easy - "I'm a biologist: could you please explain..."

A member of The Newcomen Society since the late 1970's, his interests continue to be broad. As co-organiser of The Society's Symposium on "The White Salt Industry" in 2018, he has become more knowledgeable about Salt in Cheshire. Organising a Newcomen excursion to Rhydymwyn Valley works revealed more about the earliest days of atomic weapon development. He maintains an interest in IT infrastructure with a network of Raspberry Pi computers (ten at the last count) in his study.

He admits to knowing something about Church Music, having recently retired from a specialist choir after fifty years singing in churches great and small including Westminster Abbey and St John Lateran in Rome. Despite fifty years of active exploration, the footpaths of mid-Cheshire still hold surprises but perhaps fewer for him than for many others.

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A Newcomen Member’s Guide to “The Saltscape”

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A Newcomen Member’s Guide to “The Saltscape” These notes were prepared for those attending The Society’s 2018 Symposium on The White Salt Industry. They have been dusted off and minimally updated as a contribution to the Newsletter started during the 2020 corona virus period. The term 'Saltscape' has become used to describe the part of Cheshire most affected by salt extraction over the past three centuries or so. Northwich Lion Salt Works Museum (Northwich) Click on image for full panoramic view - © Tony Leonard 2018 "It is well worth [...]

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