Kenneth Yeomans Award

The Newcomen Society recently received a significant bequest from Kenneth Yeomans, which its Council has decided to use, via grants of up to £1000 (excluding VAT), to promote publicly accessible displays relating to the history of engineering and technology in museums, libraries and archives. These will form part of the Society’s celebrations of its centenary in 2020.

Such displays should include material (such as objects, letters, images etc) which is not usually exhibited, be appropriately curated and interpreted, and run for at least two weeks during 2020.

There is no restriction as to approach for the displays – thematic, biographical, business and so on. However, a strong connection between the topic of the display and the local area is expected.

Nor is there any restriction as to how the grant may be expended – staff time, object conservation, interpretation panels etc. Matched funding is encouraged but not obligatory.The display must acknowledge appropriately the Newcomen Society including using its centenary logo.

Proposals of not more than 800 words should be sent to the Newcomen Society Treasurer, Professor Frank James at by 31 October 2019. Results will be announced by the end of November.

Proposals must contain the name, institution and contact points of the applicant, provide an overview of the proposed display, details of how it will be publicised and a budget outlining how the grant would be expended – please note which items would be subject to VAT.