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This is a joint meeting with Thinktank: Birmingham Science Museum

Nigel Jopson‘s presentation will start with a brief introduction and then will consider the recognition of water-born pathogens as the harbingers of disease and the need to build efficient sewerage systems for the removal of effluent from Victorian cities. The legal and administrative frameworks developed in step with the rise of local government in the 19th century will also be evaluated.

Next, we discuss the motive power for the pumping operations, the rise of the rotative beam engine and the later developments illustrated with examples of surviving engines. We will consider the historical development of sewage treatment systems, including the nature and characterisation of effluents both domestic and industrial – both physical and biological treatments will be featured.

Finally, the conclusions that may be drawn will be illustrated.

About the Speaker

Nigel Jopson was a Consultant industrial chemist who retired from the Pulp and Paper industry in 2013. Early in his career, he was involved in studies on problems with industrial wastewater treatments.

He is also a devout worshipper at the Shrine of Steam!

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