Vol 78 – No. 1 – 2008


Pg 1 – I.K. Brunel – Exploding the Myth
Michael R. Bailey

Pg 11 – I.K. Brunel – First Among Equals?
Steven Brindle

Pg 25 – I.K. Brunel’s First Cast Iron Bridges and the Uxbridge Road Fiasco
Steven Brindle and Malcolm Tucker

Pg 47 – I.K. Brunel in London
David Perrett

Pg 53 – I.K. Brunel and the Famous Half Sovereign: The Surgeon’s Story
John Sheldrake

Pg 57 – Construction of the Shotton Wide Strip Mill
Jonathan Aylen

Pg 87 – Flexicon – Special Driving Belts
John F. Hansen

Pg 99 – Acid Towers and the Control of Chemical Pollution 1823-1876
Peter Reed

Pg 127 – The Ironworks of Hawks Crawshay & Sons, Gateshead, 1748-1889
Robert W. Rennison and Austin W. Scott

Pg 159 – Correspondence: Norman A.F. Smith and David Yeomans on the latter’s paper ‘Reconstructions as an aid to History’ (published in Transactions, Newcomen Society 76(2) 2006 pp. 271-289)


Pg 165 – Stephen K. Jones, Brunel in South Wales – Volume 11: Communications and Coal (Mike Chrimes); Eric Kentley (Ed.), The Brunels’ Tunnel (Michael R. Bailey); Paul Clements, Marc Isambard Brunel (Robert Hulse); Tony Vernon, Archibald Sturrock, Pioneer Locomotive Engineer (Michael R. Bailey); Cleary, R.L., Bridges (Mike Chrimes); Ron Smith, British Built Aircraft, Volume 2, South West and Central Southern England and Ron Smith, British Built Aircraft, Volume 5, Northern England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (Clive Ellam)

Pg 171 – Notes on Contributors