Vol 76 – No. 2 – 2006


Pg 153 – The Phoenix and its Demons: Waterpower in the Past Millennium
Prof Terry S. Reynolds

Pg 175 – The Importance of Steam Power during the Nineteenth Century
Rev Dr Richard L. Hills

Pg 193 – From Waggonway to Bullet Train: Railway Engineering through the Millennium
Prof Colin Divall

Pg 207 – Submarine Cables: Novelty and Innovation, 1850-1870
Dr Gill Cookson

Pg 221 – The Evolution of Modern British Electronics, 1930-1945
Prof Russell W. Burns

Pg 235 – From Cayley to Concorde and Beyond: Two Centuries of Aeronautical Engineering
Clive Ellam

Pg 251 – James Brindley (1716-72) – His Simultaneous Commercial Development of Mills, Steam Power and Canals
Christine Richardson

Pg 259 – Critical Reflections on the Science – Technology Relationship (The 2005 Dickinson Lecture)
Prof John Krige

Pg 271 – Reconstructions as an Aid to History
David Yeomans

Pg 291 – Building the Wilts and Berks Canal, 1793-1810
Dr Bryan Lawton


Pg 315 – Bryan Lawton, Various and Ingenious Machines (John Anning); Bill Fawcett, A History of North Eastern Railway Architecture, Volume 3: Bell and Beyond (R.W. Rennison); Gwyn Tilley, The Surviving Engines of Glyn Pits, Pontypool – Early Steam and Water Power in Local Industry (John S. Allen); George Watkins (compiled)(catalogued by A.P. Woolrich), Stationary Steam Engine Makers – Volume 1 (John S. Allen); Michael Cooper and Michael Hunter (Eds.), Robert Hooke Tercentennial Studies (Mike Chrimes)

Pg 321 – Notes on Contributors

Pg 325 – Index