Vol 75 – No. 2 – 2005


Pg 175 – How Big is a Hole?: The Problems of the Practical Application of Science in the Invention of the Miners’ Safety Lamp by Humphry Davy and George Stephenson in Late Regency England
F.A.J.L. James

Pg 229 – The Fleming Thermionic Diode and the Birth of Electronics
K. Thrower, OBE

Pg 261 – The First British Standards: Specifications and Tests Published by the Engineering Standards Committee, 1903-18
R.C. McWilliam

Pg 289 – Constructing the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, 1766-72
P.S.M. Cross-Rudkin

Pg 305 – Locks, Sluices and Staunches: Confusing Terminology
M. Chisholm

Pg 317 – Luigi Negrelli, Engineer, 1799-1858: Planner of The Suez Canal
H. Helps, ISO

Pg 341 – Key to the Henry Cort Story? An Appraisal of the Weale Document Collection
E. Alexander


Pg 359 – Christopher R. Ford, Dunkeld: Telford’s Finest Highland Bridge (M. Chrimes); Sara Calabro (Ed.), La passione dell’ invenzione. Enrico Forlanini, ingegnere e aeronauta (G.L. Lapini); Professor Sir Bernard Crossland and John S. Moore, The Lives of Great Engineers of Ulster, Volume 1 (M. Chrimes); Ernie Shepherd, Bulleid and the Turf Burner and Other Experiments with Irish Steam Traction (M.R. Bailey); David Harrison, The Bridges of Medieval England, Transport and Society, 400-1800 (R. Baldwin); P.W.B. Semmens and A.J. Goldfinch, How Steam Locomotives Really Work (G.W. Carpenter); Helmuth Trischler and Stefan Zeilinger (Eds.), Tackling Transport (J. Andrew); Robert Ward, London’s New River (M. Chrimes); R.J. Kapsch, Canals (M. Chrimes)

Pg 369 – Notes on Contributors

Pg 371 – Index