Vol 75 – No. 1 – 2005


Pg 1 – Capturing the Age of Industry
N. Cossons

Pg 17 – Three Engines at Penrhyn Du, 1760-1780
R.L. Hills and D. Gwyn

Pg 37 – The George Bennie Railplane and Hugh Fraser Airrail Systems of Transport
M. Thwaite

Pg 85 – The Birmingham Gun Trade and the American System of Manufactures
D. J. Williams

Pg 107 – Professor Robert Hutton, Technologist, 1876-1970
D. Vale

Pg 119 – Some Aspects of Precision Time Measurements, Controlled by Means of Piezo-Electric Vibrators, as Developed in Germany Prior to 1950
A.O. Bauer

Pg 139 – Salt, Salt Making and the Rise of Cheshire
L. Gittins


Pg 161 – Brian Rofe, Blue Patches and Clear Water (M. Chrimes); Robert S. Cortright, Bridging the World (M. Chrimes); Lawrence Weaver, English Leadwork – its Art and History (M. Chrimes); Christine Richardson, James Brindley: Canal Pioneer (J.H. Boyes); Bernard Finn (Ed.), Exposing Electronics (P.C. Merriman); Hugh Woodrow, Tales of Victoria Street: The Story of the Association of Consulting Engineers (A. Buchanan); Basil Mahon, The Man Who Changed Everything (P.C. Merriman); Alan Gifford, Derbyshire Windmills Past & Present (P. Dunkerley); Guy Rendel, An English Tapestry: Two English families: Rendel and Rylands – How they worked in peace and how they went to war 1750-2001 (M. Chrimes); Joseph Sharples, Liverpool (M. Chrimes); M.J.T. Lewis (Ed.), Early Railways 2 – Papers from the Second International Early Railways Conference (M. Chrimes); Ebbe Almqvist, History of Industrial Gases (J. Hult); Marshall J. Bastable, Arms and the State – Sir William Armstrong and the Remaking of British Naval Power, 1854-1914 (S. Hots); Andrew Phillips, Steam and the Road to Glory: The Paxman Story (D. Smith); Ken Andrews and Stuart Burroughs, Stothert & Pitt: Crane makers to the World (D. Smith)

Pg 173 – Notes on Contributors