Vol 74 – No. 1 – 2004


Pg 1 – From Manufacturer to Prosumer in Two Hundred and Fifty Years
N. Cossons

Pg 19 – The Development of Flat Glass Manufacturing Processes
M. Cable

Pg 45 – The Planning and Construction of the Uganda Railway
H. Gunston

Pg 73 – The Use of Prestressing and Precasting in Concrete Water Tanks and Towers in Britain and Ireland
M. Gould, D. Cleland and S. Gilbert

Pg 89 – Some Historical  Steps in the Development of the Common Rail Injection System
W. Knecht

Pg 109 – On Ship Motions and Waves in Navigable Channels with Particular Reference to the Experiments of John Scott Russell: 1834-1835
R.B. Schofield and L.A. Martin

Pg 131 – Before Bazalgette: The Surrey and Kent Commission of Sewers 1800-1847
P. Jefferson Smith


Pg 147 – John Rapley, The Britannia & Other Tubular Bridges (M.M. Chrimes); A.K.B. Evans and J.V. Gough (Eds.), The Impact of the Railway on Society in Britain, Essays in honour of Jack Simmons (D. Brooke); Bill Fawcett, A History of North Eastern Railway Architecture, Volume 2: A Mature Art (R.W. Rennison); Hugh Davies, Roads in Roman Britain (M.M. Chrimes); Agapain, Les Meuliers. Meules et Pierres meulieres dans le Bassin parisien (J. Boyes); David Bick, The Old Copper Mines of Snowdonia (M.M. Chrimes); David Johnson, Limestone Industries of the Yorkshire Dales (M.M. Chrimes); T.C. Dickinson, Cotton Mills of Preston: The Power Behind the Thread (M.M. Chrimes); Gordon Biddle, Britain’s Historic Railway Buildings (P.S.M. Cross-Rudkin); John Armstrong, John M. Aldridge, Grahame Boyes, Gordon Mustoe and Richard A. Storey (Eds. and Contribs), Companion to British Road Haulage History (R.C.D. Baldwin)

Pg 159 – Notes on Contributors

Pg 161 – Errata Volume 73 Number 2