Vol 73 – No. 2 – 2003


Pg 163 – Stephen Switzer, Hydrostaticks and Technology in the Country House Landscape
J. Roberts and M. Hargreaves

Pg 179 – Patents as Indicators of Technological Change and Innovation – An Historical Analysis of the Patent Data, 1830-1914
I. Inkster

Pg 209 – Thermodynamics and Powerhouse Design, 1890-1960
M.C. Duffy

Pg 241 – The Construction of Dry Docks: Some Nineteenth Century Perspectives
R.A. Otter

Pg 257 – Two Maudslay Proteges: Francis Lewis and George Nasmyth
J.A. Cantrell

Pg 275 – The Ritchie System of Reinforced Concrete
M. Gould

Pg 293 – The Chalk-Water Controversy in Early Victorian London
B.C.S. Harper


Gerhard W. Kramer, The Firework Book: Gunpowder in Medieval Germany (B.J. Buchanan); Correlli Barnett, The Verdict of Peace: Britain between her Yesterday and the Future (R.C. McWilliam); John E. Chacksfield, Sir William Stanier – A New Biography (G.W. Carpenter); Angus Buchanan, The Life and Times of Isambard Kingdom Brunel (M.M. Chrimes); Adam Hart-Davis and Emily Troscianko, Henry Winstanley and the Eddystone Lighthouse (M.M. Chrimes); Hand-Joachim Uhlemann, Canal Lifts and Inclines of the World (R. Cragg); Rev. Dr Richard Hills, Life and Inventions of Richard Roberts (M.R. Bailey); Peter Tatlow, Harrow & Wealdstone 50 Years On: Clearing up the Aftermath (M.M. Chrimes); Ron Bridle and John Porter (Eds.), The Motorway Achievement: Frontiers of Knowledge and Practice (R.C. McWilliam); Peter N. Grimshaw, The Amazing Story of Excavators, Volume 1: Makers of Machines that Reshape the World (R.C. McWilliam); Mark Frankland and Gordon Bussey, Radio Man: The Remarkable Rise and Fall of C.O. Stanley (P. Merriman); Rev. Dr Richard L. Hills, James Watt, Volume 1: His time in Scotland (R.B. Schofield); Maurice Kelly, The Non-Rotative Beam Engine (R.L.Hills); John Cantrell and Gillian Cookson, Henry Maudslay & The Pioneers of the Machine Age (M.M. Chrimes)