Vol 73 – No. 1 – 2001-2002


Pg 1 – The Mechanisation of Glass Container Production
M. Cable

Pg 33 – Sir Clement Clerke and the Adoption of Coal in Metallurgy
P.W. King

Pg 53 – Marconi’s Transatlantic Wireless Message, 1901
A.R. Constable

Pg 71 – Metalllurgical Evaluation of The Tyre of Lion Locomotive
P.W. Shelton, E.F. Clark, P. Heward and J.K. Almond

Pg 95 – Cathedral Studies: Engineering Or History
Norman A.F. Smith

Pg 139 – Crofton Engine Trials 1949 and 1998 – A Postscript
C. Ian Broom, J. Roger Calvert and Tamsin S. Garrett


Pg 147 – J. Rapley, The Britannia Bridge 1845-1850: A Sesquicentennial Celebration (R.J.M. Sutherland); J. Leslie and R. Paxton, Bright Lights, The Stevenson Engineers 1752-1971 (Sandra Purves); David M. Yates, Turing’s Legacy – a History of Computing at the National Physical Laboratory 1945-1995 (Daniel H.W. Hayton); Michael R. Bailey and John P. Glithero, The Engineering and History of Rocket (Richard Gibbon); Charles E. Peterson, Robert Smith – Architect, Builder, Patriot 1722-1777 (Mike Chrimes); Glyn Jones, The Millers (J. Kenneth Major); Deane R. Blackman and A. Trevor Hodge, Frontinus’ Legacy: Essays on Frontinus’ de aquis urbis Romae (M.J.T. Lewis); Catharine M.C. Haines with Helen M. Stevens, International Women in Science: A Biographical Dictionary to 1950 (Mike Chrimes); Bill Fawcett, A History of North Eastern Railway Architecture, Volume 1: The Pioneers (R.W. Rennison); Brian Bowers, Sir Charles Wheatstone, 2nd edn (Peter Merriman); Kenneth Owen, Concorde: Story of a Supersonic Pioneer (Clive Ellam); Civil Engineering Heritage London and the Thames Valley, ed. D. Smith (R.A. Otter); Rowland Mainstone, Developments in Structural Form (Bill Addis); Biographical Dictionary of Civil Engineers, ed. Sir A.W. Skempton (Denis Smith)

Pg 161 – Notes on Contributors