Vol 72 – No. 2 – 2000-2001


Pg 163 – Brindley’s Norwood Tunnel (1771-1775) – Twin of Harecastle
C. Richardson

Pg 179 – Bridge Building Achievements of P. & W. MacLellan & Co. (1850-1914)
M. Moss & J. Hume for the late Douglas MacLellan

Pg 203 – The Newcastle and Carlisle Railway and its Engineers: 1829-1862
R.W. Rennison

Pg 235 – The Metadyne in Railway Traction
M.C. Duffy with An Introduction to the Metadyne by K.A. Yeomans

Pg 269 – Iu. V. Lomonosov and the Science of Locomotive Testing in Russia: Consolidation, Methodology and Impact, 1908-1917
A.J. Heywood

Pg 295 – Historical Development of Stepped Cascades for the Dissipation of Hydraulic Energy
H. Chanson

Pg 319 – William and Edward Mackenzie as Railway Contractors: the Evidence of J.H. Watel’s Office Diaries from 1849 and 1850
R.A. Otter and J.H. Thomas


Pg 333 – W. Garrett Scaife, From Galaxies to Turbines: Science, Technology and the Parsons Family (Robert C. McWilliam); Michael Harverson, Mills of the Muslim World (N.A.F. Smith); Alastair Cameron (Ed.), Lakeland’s Mining Heritage: The Last 500 Years (Paul W. Sowan); Mark Bowden (Ed.), Furness Iron: The Physical Remains of the Iron Industry and Related Industries of Furness and Southern Lakeland (M. Chrimes); R.R. Angerstein’s Illustrated Travel Diary 1753-1755: Industry in England and Wales from a Swedish Perspective (M. Chrimes); John van Laun, Early Limestone Railways: How Railways Developed to Feed the Furnaces of the Industrial Revolution in South East Wales (M. Chrimes); John B. Gent, Croydon’s Transport Through the Ages (Paul W. Sowan); Pietro Redondi (Ed.), Ferdinandea: Scritti Sulla Ferrovia da Venezia a Milano (M. Chrimes); Justin Brooke (Ed.), The Kalmeter Journal: The Journal of a Visit to Cornwall, Devon and Somerset in 1724-25 of Henric Kalmeter (1693-1750) (M. Chrimes); Chris McKay, J. Smith & Sons of Clerkenwell – Facsimiles of an Article from the Illustrated London News 1851, Catalogues Circa 1880 & 1910, a Fragment of a Piece of Trade Literature and an Advertising Sheet (Lawrance Hurst); Anne and Paul Bayliss, Architects and Civil Engineers of Nineteen Century Scarborough: a Biographical Dictionary (R.W. Rennison)

Pg 341 – Notes on Contributors

Pg 343 – Index