Vol 72 – No. 1 – 2000-2001


Pg 1 – Iu. V. Lomonosov and the Science of Locomotive Testing in Russia: First Steps, 1895-1901
A.J. Heywood

Pg 17 – Steam Power Patents in the Nineteenth Century – Innovations and Ineptitudes
J. Andrew, J. Tann, C. MacLeod and J. Stein

Pg 39 – William Haywood and Municipal Engineering in the Victorian City of London
D.G. Clow

Pg 77 – Trubshaw, Hartley and Harrison – Early Nineteenth Century Engineers and Architects
G. Woodward

Pg 91 – The Early Development of Structural Pile Foundations in Japan During the Meiji Era 1868-1912
H. Isohata and T. Kida

Pg 115 – From Triode Oscillations to Pulse Modulated Radar: Sir Edward Appleton’s Involvement
J. Bradley, P. Excell and P. Rowlands

Pg 127 – The ‘OLD CHESTNUT’ – The Introduction of Electricity in Abergavenny
A. Jones


Pg 147 – J.S. Morrison, J.F. Coates and N.B. Rankov, The Athenian Trireme: The History and reconstruction of an Ancient Greek Warship (N.A.F. Smith); W.J.K. Davies, Minor Railways of France (D. Haydon); D.F. McLean, Restoring Baird’s Image, History of Technology Series 27 (D. Haydon);  J. Harland, Ships and Seamanship in the Maritime Prints of J.J. Beaujean (R.C.D. Baldwin); J.D. Anderson Jr., A History of Aerodynamics (C. Ellam); G. Watkins, Stationary Steam Engines of Great Britain, Volume 1 (J.S. Allen); E. DeLony, Landmark American Bridges (J. Crompton); P.W.B. Semmens and A. J. Goldfinch, How Steam Locomotives Really Work (M.R. Bailey); E.L. Kemp, The Great Kanawha Railway (M. Chrimes); D.E. Cartwright, Tides: A Scientific History (M. Chrimes); J. Grote and B. Marrey, Freyssinnet: Prestressing in Europe 1930-1945 (M. Chrimes)

Pg 160 – Notes on Contributors