Vol 71 – No. 2 – 1999-2000


Pg 165 – ‘When Engineering was Fun …’: An Apprentice’s Eye View of the Royal Aircraft Establishment, 1948-1953
Clive Ellam (Presidential Address)

Pg 183 – Hoisting Machinery in the Gwynedd Slate Industry
D. Rhys Gwyn

Pg 205 – The Development of Glass-Melting Furnaces, 1850-1950
Emeritus Professor Michael Cable

Pg 229 – The Velox Boiler and its Application to Railway Traction
M.C. Duffy

Pg 257 – Bernard Waymouth and the Change from Wooden to Steel Ships
Jane Coates and John Coates

Pg 269 – Early Reinforced Concrete Water Towers, 1890-1931
M.H. Gould and B.M.J. Barton

Pg 283 – Railway Dams in Australia: Six Historic Structures
H. Chanson

Pg 305 – A Hidden Pitfall in the Path of Prewar Japanese Military Technology
Professor M. Matsumoto


Pg 327 – J.S. Allen, A History of Horseley, Tipton (M. Chrimes); I. Gall, The Szechenyi Chain Bridge and Adam Clark (M. Chrimes); London Transport Railway Signalling (R.T. Smith); J.E. Chacksfeld, Sir Henry Fowler (M. Chrimes); D.A. Mindell, War, Technology and Experience Aboard the USS Monitor (S. Hots); D. Griffiths, Brunel’s Ships (S.A. Buchanan); D. Brooke, The Diary of William Mackenzie (M.R. Bailey); J. Addyman & B. Fawcett, The High Level Bridge and Newcastle Central Station (R.W. Rennison); C. Rynne, The Industrial Archaeology of Cork City and its Environs (L.R. Day)

Pg 335 – Notes on Contributors

Pg 337 – Index