Vol 71 – No. 1 – 1999-2000


iv – Officers and Council 1999-2000

Pg 1 – A Short History of ‘Lamella’ Roof Construction
Eur Ing J.S. Allen

Pg 31 – The Technologies of the Incas and their Origins
A.P. Fletcher

Pg 49 – Crofton Pumping Station: Performance Trials, September 1949 and April 1998
T. Bower, C. Ian Broom, J.R. Calvert and T.S. Garrett

Pg 79 – The Development of Cash Handling Systems for Shops and Department Stores
John Liffen

Pg 103 – Galashiels Wire Suspension Bridge, 1816
Ted Ruddock

Pg 115 – The Beginnings of Diesel Electric Traction
R.L. Vickers

Pg 129 – The Lewis Chemical Works: A peat Distillation Venture of the 1860s
David Crabbe

Pg 143 – Aspects of the Early History of Cybernetics in Germany
Frank Dittmann


Pg 155 – M. Mill, The Early East London Gas Industry (M.M. Cheimwa); K. Grewe, Grossbritannien (M.M. Chrimes); M.E. Andrews, For King and Country (M.M. Chrimes); D.T. Yeomans, Studies in the History of Civil Engineering 8 (B.L. Hurst); P.P. Mollinga, On The Waterfront (J. Brown); I. McCallum, Blood Brothers (S.H. Kopf); R.J.M. Suthernad, Studies in the History of Civil Engineering 9 (B.L. Hurst); A. Burton, Thomas Telford (R.B. Schofield); International Conference in Historic Bridges (M.M. Chrimes); R. White, Gentlemen Engineers (M.M. Chrimes)

Pg 164 – Notes on Contributors