The Journal

Vol 70 – No. 2 – 1998-99


Pg 153 – ‘The Civil-Engineer’s Talent’: Michael Faraday, Science, Engineering and the English Lighthouse Service, 1836-1865
Frank A.J.L. James

Pg 161 – Richard Cail (1812-1893): Victorian Contractor and Man of Many Parts
R.W. Rennison

Pg 185 – The 23rd Dickinson Memorial Lecture: Diversity and Diffusion: the Transfer of Technologies in the Industrial Age
Professor Robert Fox

Pg 197 – The Transition from Timber to Cast Iron Working Beams for Steam Engines: a Technological Innovation
James Andrew, Jenny Stein, Jennifer Tann & Christine Macleod

Pg 221 – Waltham Abbey Royal Gunpowder Mills: ‘The Old Establishment’
Brenda J. Buchanan

Pg 251 – Horizontal Mills in Medieval Ireland
Colin Rynne

Pg 257 – The Rocket Fighter Shusui – as Re-developed from Incomplete and Vague Me163B Data
T. Yokoyama, K. Yuyama, I. Akojima & S. Moriya


Pg 277 – J.R. Harris, Industrial Espionage and Technology Transfer (A.P. Woolrich); J. Leslie & R. Paxton, Bright Lights, the Stevenson Engineers (S. Purves); S. Halliday, The Great Stink of London (M. Chrimes); K. Grewe, Licht am Ende des Tunnels (M. Chrimes); R.J. Mainstone, Developments in Structural Form (R.J.M. Sutherland); D.M. Yates, Turing’s Legacy (D.W.H. Hayton); Ottley’s Bibliography of British Railway History, 2nd supp. (M. Chrimes); Encyclopaedia Britannica, electronic ed. (A.P. Woolrich)

Pg 285 – Index