Vol 70 – No. 1 – 1998-99


Pg iv – Officers and Council, 1998-99

Pg 1 – Steam Road Carriages of the 1830s: Why did they Fail?
Professor F.T. Evans

Pg 27 – The Gas Turbine in Railway Traction
M.C. Duffy

Pg 59 – The English Electric Gas Turbine Locomotive GT3
A.S. Lee

Pg 89 – James Watt and his Rotary Engines
R.L. Hills

Pg 109 – Edward Wright and his Perspective Glass: a Surveying Puzzle of the early 17th Century
N.A.F. Smith

Pg 123 – The Contributions of Robert Boyle and Denis Papin to Food Preservation
N.D. Cowell

Pg 135 – The Invention of the Miners’ Safety Lamp: a Reappraisal 
W.F. Watson


Pg 143 – D.S. Landes, The Wealth and Poverty of Nations (R.A. Buchanan); G. Farmelpo & J. Carding, eds., Here and Now (R.C. McWilliam); A. Jarvis & K. Smith, Perceptions of Great Engineers II (M.R. Bailey); D. Freund, Pounding Out the Profits (J.S. Allen); M.M. Chrimes, Studies in the History of Civil Engineering 7 (P.C. Rudkin); R.N. Holden, Stott and Sons (M.M. Chrimes); J. Douet, British Barracks 1600-1914 (S. Hois); D.W. Thomas, Hydro-Electricity in North West Wales (M.M. Chrimes); F.A.J.L. James, ed., Semaphores to Short Waves (P.C. Merriman)