Vol 65 – No. 1 – 1993-94


Pg iv – Officers and Council, 1993-94

Pg 1 – British Tunnelling Machines in the First World War
Eur Ing P.M. Varley

Pg 21 – The Development of the River Tees 1808-1914
R.W. Rennison

Pg 47 – Men and Machines in Mid-18th Century London
A.Q. Morton

Pg 57 – A Review of the Development of the British Thermionic Valve Industry
P.R. Morris

Pg 75 – The Coal-burning Locomotive Gas Turbine Project
M.C. Duffy

Pg 95 – The 21st Dickinson Memorial Lecture: Torquemeter Applications in R&D and Monitoring
R.D. van Millingen

Pg 117 – Steam Engine Theory in the 19th Century: from Duty to Thermal Efficiency: from Parkes to Sankey
Professor D.S.L. Cardwell

Pg 129 – The Tracked Hovercraft Project
M.R. Bailey

147 – London Lifts and Hydraulic Power
Professor Ralph Turvey

Pg 165 – Thermodynamic Aspects of the Design of German Standard Steam Locomotives
Ing J. Quellmalz

Pg 203 – INDEX