Vol 64 – No. 1 – 1992-93


Pg iv – Officers and Council, 1992-93

Pg 1 – Sir Walter Scott (1826-1910), Civil Engineering Contractor
John R. Turner, BA, MPhil, Dip Lib, ALA

Pg 21 – Navigation Devices along the River Lea, 1600-1767
Dr Keith Fairclough

Pg 41 – Bioengineering in Britain 1950-1965
Robert Bud, BSc, PhD (Member)

Pg 53 – The Steam Engine on Tyneside in the Industrial Revolution
Professor Jennifer Tann, BA, PhD (Member)

Pg 77 – Scottish Marine Engineering: the First Fifty Years
James L. Wood, BSc (Member)

Pg 101 – Towards the Perfect Screw Thread
Randall C. Brooks, BSc, MSc, PhD (Member)

Pg 121 – James Jardine and the Edinburgh Water Company
R.W. Jardine, IEng (Member)

Pg 131 – The 1st Chaloner Memorial Lecture: John Holker, a Lancashire Jacobite in French Industry
Professor J.R. Harris, MA, PhD (Member)

Pg 143 – Behind the Fire Doors: Fox’s Corrugated Furnace 1877 and the ‘High Pressure’ Steamship
George A. Newby (Member)

Pg 167 – Power Jets and the Pressure Exchanger
J.A. Barnes, BSc (Eng), MIMechE, MRAeS (President)

Pg 197 – INDEX