Vol 63 – No. 1 – 1991-92


Pg iv – Officers and Council, 1991-92

Pg 1 – The Vertical Curtis Steam Turbine
Euan F.C. Somerscales, BSc, MME, Phd (Member)

Pge 53 – The Society of Arts’ Model Ship Trials
Basil Harley, MBE, FRSA (Member)

Pg 73 – Powered Flight: A Russian Endeavour of the 1880s
P.R. Stokes, CEng, FIMechE, MRAeS (Member)

Pg 103 – The Schmidt High Pressure Locomotive and its Influence on American and European Locomotive Design
M.C. Duffy, BSc, MSc, PhD (Member of Council)

Pg 133 – The Development of Process Control Instruments 1900-1940
Stuart Bennett, PhD (Member)

Pg 165 – The Development and Diffusion of Telephone Technology in Britain, 1900-1940
James Foreman-Peck, BA, MSc (Econ), PhD (Member)

Pg 181 – The Works of William Tierney Clark (1783-1852)
Denis Smith, MSc, PhD, DIC, CEng (Member)

Pg 209 – The 20th Dickinson Memorial Lecture: Energy – the Key to the History of Engineering
Professor Emeritus Sir Hugh Ford, DSc (Eng), FEng, FRS

Pg 217 – Richard Henry Brunton and the Japan Lights, 1868-1876
Olive Checkland

Pg 229 – ‘Engines Moved by Fire and Water’: The Contribution of Fellows of the Royal Society to the Development of Steam Power
Alan Smith, BSc, MIMinE (Member) (summary)

Pg 231 – INDEX

vol 62 (1990-91)

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