Vol 43 – No. 1 – 1970-71


Pg iv – The Newcomen Society, Origin, Aims and Objects

Pg v – Presidents of the Society

Pg vi – Officers and Council, 1970-71

Pg xi – List of Illustrations

Pg 1 – The Compound Locomotive, Part I, 1876-1901
J.T. Van Riemsdijk, B.A. (Member)

Pg 19 – Some Notes on the History of the Uniflow Engine
Arnold Throp, C.Eng., F.I.Mech.E. (Member)

Pg 41 – The Tower Subway, the First Tube Railway in the World
Charles E. Lee, M.Inst.T., C.I.Mar.E. (Past-President)

Pg 53 – The Kitson-Still Locomotive
A. Pyne, C.Eng., M.I.Mech.E. (Member of Council)

Pg 65 – In Memoriam: Arthur Pyne

Pg 67 – The Humphrey Pump and its Inventor
Denis Smith, M.Sc., D.I.C., C.Eng., M.I.Mech.E. (Member)

Pg 93 – Automatic Control of Small Boilers, Presidential Address
J.A. Crabtree, M.A., C.Eng., F.I.E.E. (President)

Pg 113 – Finnish Mills, Part II: Mamsel or Smock Mills
Auvo Hirsjarvi, F.F.S.A., Lic. Phil and Rex Wailes, F.S.A. C.Eng., F.I.Mech.E. (Past-President)

Pg 127 – Addendum to Finnish Mills, Part II

Pg 129 – Brake Friction Materials
G.A. Harper, C.Eng., M.I.Mech.E. (Member)

Pg 137 – William Smith, Richard Trevithick and Samuel Homfray, their Correspondence on Steam Engines, 1804-06
Joan M. Eyles, B.Sc., F.G.S.

Pg 163 – Summer Meeting in Germany, 1971
J.G.B. Hills, B.Sc (Eng.), C.Eng., M.I.Mech.E. (Member of Council)