Vol 40 – No. 1 – 1967-68


Pg iv – The Newcomen Society, Origin, Aims and Objects

Pg v – Presidents of the Society

Pg vi – Officers and Council, 1967-68

Pg x – List of Illustrations

Pg 1 – Large Forgings of Wrought Iron
R.C. Benson, B.Eng (Member)

Pg 15 – Beauvais Cathedral
Jacques Heyman, M.A., Ph.D., C.Eng., M.I.C.E. (Member)

Pg 37 – Some Iron Byways
W.K.V. Gale, F.R.Hist. Soc. (Past-President)

Pg 47 – The Albion Mills, 1784-1791
John Mosse, A.A. Dipl., C.Eng., M.I.Mech.E., A.R.I.B.A. (Member)

Pg 61 – The Ottawa River Canals and Portage Railways
Robert Legget, M.Eng., LL.D., C.Eng., F.I.C.E. (Member)

Pg 75 – Some Contributions to Locomotive Development by Beyer, Peacock & Co.
R.L. Hills, M.A., D.I.C. (Member of Council)

Pg 125 – Horizontal Windmills
Rex Wailes, F.S.A., C.Eng., F.I.Mech.E. (Past-President)

Pg 147 – Eighth Dickinson Biennial Memorial Lecture: Some Reflections on Engineering Biography
J. Foster Petree, C.Eng., F.I.Mech.E., M.R.I.N.A., Mem. ASME (Past-President)

Pg 159 – Summer Meeting in Harrogate
S.B. Hamilton, O.B.E., Ph.D., C.Eng. (Past-President)

Pg 163 – The Consett Iron Company’s Steam Locomotive Cranes
F.B. George, B.Sc. (Member)

Pg 171 – The Skipton Rock Railway
Gordon Biddle (Member)

Pg 175 – The Easingwold Railway
Charles E. Lee, M.Inst.T. (Past-President)

Pg 179 – Annual Report and Statement of Accounts, 1967-68

Pg 185 – Obituary Notices

Pg 187 – List of Members

Pg 203 – Index