Vol 38 – No. 1 – 1965-66


Pg iv – The Newcomen Society, Origin, Aims and Objects

Pg v – Presidents of the Society

Pg vi – Officers and Council, 1965-66

Pg x – List of Illustrations

Pg 1 – From Hawkesbury to Dartmouth
By Arthur Pyne (Member of Council)

Pg 5 – Sir Robert Smirke: A Pioneer of Concrete Construction
By J. Mordaunt Crook, M.A., D.Phil

Pg 23 – The Structure of the Church of St. Sophia, Istanbul
By R.J. Mainstone, M.Eng., A.M.I.C.E. (Member)

Pg 51 – Notes on the Windmills of Oland, Sweden
By Rex Wailes, F.S.A., M.I.Mech.E., (Past President) and Ursula Wailes

Pg 69 – Steam Engines in Derbyshire Lead Mines
By Nellie Kirkham (Member)

Pg 89 – Some Mid-Gloucestershire Engineers and Inventors
By H.A. Randall

Pg 97 – Baker Bessemer’s Historic Axle-Forging Plant
By Ronald C. Benson, M.C., B.Eng. (Member)

Pg 107 – Dr A.P. Thurston, A Review of his Contributions to Aeronautics
By Professor A.D. Young, O.B.E., M.A., F.R.Ae.S., A.F.A.I.A.A.

Pg 127 – Seventh Dickinson Biennial Memorial Lecture: “The Industrial Monuments Survey”
By Rex Wailes, F.S.A., M.I.Mech.E. (Past President)

Pg 139 – Summer Meeting in North Lincolnshire, 1966
By J.G.B. Hills (Member)

Pg 145 – Origins of the Canning Industry
By R.A. Bell, M.A.

Pg 153 – Notes and Communications

Pg 155 – Annual Report and Statement of Accounts 1965-66

Pg 161 – Obituary Notices

Pg 163 – List of Members

Pg 179 – Index