Vol 25 – No. 1 – 1945-47


Pg iv and v – List of Officers of the Society for 1945-46 and for 1946-47

Pg x-xi – List of Illustrations

Pg 1 – Presidential Address: Why Engineers Should Study History
By S.B. Hamilton, M.Sc., M.I.Struct.E.

Pg 11 – Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Society

Pg 17 – The Onondaga Salt Works of New York State
By Greville Bathe (Member)

Pg 27 – Windmill Winding Gear
By Rex Wailes, M.I.Mech.E. (Vice President)

Pg 37 – Sinking a Northumberland Colliery in 1761-62
By Capt. E.W. Swan, O.B.E., V.D., R.N.V.R. (Member)

Pg 41 – The Zinc Industry in England: The Early Years up to About 1850
By Rhys Jenkins, M.I.Mech.E. (Past President)

Pg 53 – The Thermostat or Heat Governor: An Outline of its History
By A.R.J. Ramsey, F.C.P.A. (Member)

Pg 73 – Northumberland Blast Furnace Plant in the Nineteenth Century
By T.M. Hoskison, M.A. (Member)

Pg 83 – Early Iron Industry in North Wales
By A. Stanley Davies (Member)

Pg 91 – Alexandre Collin (1808-1890), Pioneer in Soil Mechanics
By A.W. Skempton, D.Sc., A.M.I.C.E., F.G.S.

Pg 105 – Watford and Paper Making
By Leslie N. Burt, M.I.Mech.E.

Pg 109 – Industries of Hertfordshire
By S.B. Hamilton, M.Sc. (President)

Pg 111 – Engineering in Cornwall before 1775
By T.R. Harris (Member)

Pg 123 – Richard Roberts: His Life and Inventions
By H.W. Dickinson, Eng.D. (Past President)

Pg 139 – Nicholas Wood’s MS Report Book
By Capt. E.W. Swan, O.B.E., V.D., R.N.V.R. (Member)

Pg 141 – The World’s Oldest Railway
By Charles E. Lee, F.R.S.A. (Member)

Pg 163 – Development of the Bessemer Process in Lancashire
By W.M. Lord, B.Sc. (Member)

Pg 181 – The Pre-History of the Hammer
By H.H. Coghlan, F.S.A., A.M.I.Mech.E. (Member)

Pg 199 – Windmills of Hanover
By Capt. D.W. Muggeridge

Pg 207 – Summer Meeting in Hertfordshire, 1946

Pg 209 – Summer Meeting in Monmouthshire, 1947

Pg 211 – Analytical Bibliography of the History of Engineering and Technology, continued from Vol. XXII

Pg 223 – Annual Report and Statement of Accounts for 1945-46

Pg 227 – Annual Report and Statement of Accounts for 1946-47

Pg 231 – Index