Vol 22 – No. 1 – 1941-42


Pg vi – List of Officers of the Society

Pg x – List of Illustrations

Pg 1 – “Development of the Practice of Evaporation with Special Reference to the Sugar Industry”
By Noel Deerr, F.C.G.I., F.I.C. (Member) and Alexander Brooks, A.M.I.Mech.E.

Pg 21 – “Automobiles in 1830”
By Sidney Withington, M.Am.S.M.E. (Member)

Pg 37 – Beginnings of the Society. A Note on the Attainment of its Majority
By A. Titley, M.I.Mech.E. (First President)

Pg 41 – Suffolk Windmills. Part I: Post Mills
By Rex Wailes, M.I.Mech.E. (Member)

Pg 65 – The Early History of the Spring Balance
By W.A. Benton, F.Ph.S. (Member)

Pg 79 – Origin and Manufacture of Wood Screws
By H.W. Dickinson, D.Eng. (Past President)

Pg 91 – “What’s Past is Prologue” Presidential Address
By Colonel C.E. Davies, M.Am.S.M.E., M.I.Mech.E.

Pg 99 – The Normands of Havre, Shipbuilders and Engineers
By Eng.-Capt. E.C. Smith, O.B.E., R.N. (Past President)

Pg 107 – The Evolution of Rider Planes for Aircraft
By A.P. Thurston, D.Sc., M.I.Mech.E., F.R.Ae.S. (Member of Council)

Pg 117 – Development of Mechanisms in Ancient China
By Herbert Chatley, D.Sc., M.Inst.C.E. (Member)

Pg 139 – The Silica Brick and its Inventor, William Weston Young
By Rhys Jenkins, M.I.Mech.E. (Past President)

Pg 149 – French Civil Engineers of the 18th Century
By S.B. Hamilton, M.Sc., M.I.Struct.E. (Vice President)

Pg 161 – Robert Stuart Meikleham
By H.W. Dickinson, Eng.D. (Past President) and A.A. Gomme, M.B.E. (Member of Council)

Pg 169 – Joseph Bramah and his Inventions
By H.W. Dickinson, Eng.D. (Past President)

Pg 187 – Summer Meeting in Colchester

Pg 188 – Analytical Bibliography of the History of Engineering and Technology, continued from Vol. XXI

Pg 204 – Annual Report and Statement of Accounts

Pg 208 – Index