Vol 69 – No. 1 – 1997-98

Pg iv – Officers and Council, 1997-98

Pg 1 – The Development of Methods of Detecting Hostile Aircraft at Night, 1935-1941
Professor R.W. Burns

Pg 23 – James Walker (1781-1862): Civil Engineer
Denis Smith (Presidential Address)

Pg 57 – Theory versus Practice in Dock Engineering
Adrian Jarvis

Pg 69 – Hydrogen Peroxide for Power and Propulsion
Eur Ing P.R. Stokes

Pg 97 – Eugene Belgrand (1810-1878): Civil Engineer, Geologist and Pioneer Hydrologist
George Atkinson

Pg 129 – The Brunels and the Grosvenor Bridge, Chester
G. Woodward

Pg 147 – The British Experience of the Salmson Aero Engine 1911-1918: a Case Study in Technology Transfer
Alexander Hayward


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