Vol 68 – No. 1 – 1996-97


Pg iv – Officers and Council, 1996-97

Pg 1 – Monastic Multinationals: The Cistercians and Other Monks as Engineers
Professor Francis T. Evans

Pg 29 – A History of Electronic Passive Components: A Personal View
G.W. A. Dummer

Pg 53 – The British Heavy Bomber Aeroplane
Sqn Ldr Clive Ellam

Pg 85 – The Origins of James Watt’s Perfect Engine
Rev Dr R.L. Hills

Pg 109 – Learning Through Replication: The Planet Locomotive Project
M.R. Bailey (Presidential Address)

Pg 137 – The Pumping Stations of the Newcastle and Gateshead Water Company, 1845-1976
R.W. Rennison

Pg 165 – Evolution of Constructional Methods from Radios to Computers
J.M.M. Pinkerton

Pg 191 – Power Supply to DC Electric Railways, 1890-1920
M.C. Duffy

Pg 219 – The Alkali Experiments of James Watt and James Keir 1765-1780
L. Gittins

Pg 233 – 600/750V DC Electric and Electro-Diesel Locomotives of the Southern Railway and its Successors
Arthur T.H. Tayler

Pg 267 – The Dresden Haidebahn and the Early Development of Trolleybuses
F. Dittmann

Pg 281 – INDEX