Vol 67 – No. 1 – 1995-96


Pg iv – Officers and Council, 1995-96

Pg 1 – Solid State Electronics, Asynchronous Motors and the Electric Locomotive
M.C. Duffy

Pg 27 – Riches from Copper: the Adoption of the Boulton & Watt Engine by the Cornish Mine Adventurers
Professor Jennifer Tann

Pg 53 – Britain and the Crosshead Marine Diesel Engine
Denis Griffiths

Pg 91 – The Development of Coinage Dies from Bronze to Steel
Denis R Cooper

Pg 108 – The V2 Rocket: a Convergence of Technologies?
John Becklake

Pg 125 – The Technology of Gunpowder Making in the Eighteenth Century: Evidence from the Bristol Region
Brenda J Buchanan

Pg 161 – Technology and Air Defence, 1914-1945
Professor R.W. Burns

Pg 185 – The 22nd Dickinson Memorial Lecture: The Development of the Linear Induction Motor
Professor E.R. Laithwaite

Pg 207 – Forgotten History: Sir Jagadis Bose and the Origins of Radio
Professor S. Dasgupta

Pg 221 – Early Use of Steam Power in the Jamaican Sugar Industry, 1768-1810
Veront M. Satchell

Pg 233 – The M-L Magneto Syndicate: a Note Based on the Late Dr. E.A. Watson’s papers
J.A. Watson

Pg 237 – INDEX