Vol 66 – No. 1 – 1994-95


Pg iv – Officers and Council, 1994-95

Pg v – The President’s Badge: a 75th Anniversary Note

Pg 1 – ‘Engines Moved by Fire and Water’: the Contribution of Fellows of the Royal Society to the Development of Steam Power, 1675-1733
Alan Smith

Pg 27 – The Doxford Engine: its Development and Decline
Denis Griffiths

Pg 53 – ‘And now the Weather’: the Early Development of the Meteorological Satellite
Mark Williamson

Pg 77 – The Costs of Eighteenth Century Steam Engines
James H. Andrew

Pg 97 – Pneumatic Tube Communication Systems in London
D. G. Clow

Pg 121 – The Parsons-North British Coal-burning Gas Turbine Locomotive
J.R. Bolter

Pg 153 – The Maudslay Touch: Henry Maudslay, Product of the Past and Maker of the Future
Professor Francis Evans

Pg 175 – Hugh McIntosh (1768-1840), National Contractor
M.M. Chrimes

Pg 193 – The Marquis de Chabannes, Pioneer of Central Heating and Inventor
Martin Meade and Andrew Saint

Pg 215 – Early Research in Linear Induction Motors for Manufacturing Machinery
Professor W. Johnson

Pg 219 – The disappearance of Horizontal Watermills from Ireland
T.E. Powell

Pg 225 – Samson Fox’s American Venture and the Development of the Pressed Steel Railway Vehicle
George A. Newby

Pg 241 – The Evils of Break of Gauge: Some General Lessons from Transport History
E.F. Clark (Presidential Address)

Pg 265 – INDEX


Note: The paper ‘Chester Carlson and Xerox: the Invention and Development of the Photocopier’, by T.E. Macnamara is being held over to volume 67 to enable a revised and extended version to be published.