• Bloodhound supersonic car project axed

    'TOPS - British Rail's 1st Computerised Train Operating System'

    Wed 5 December 7pm @thinktankmuseum Our next FREE talk provided by @Newcomen_Mid & @BM_AG

    Thanks @railwaymuseum @BCLM @svrofficialsite @GWSR @ChasewaterRail @LlanfairLine @MidlandRailway @ComputerHistory @BCS

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      now published in print and on-line

    • Newcomen Links 247

      now published in print and on line.

    • White Salt Industry, booking extended to 19 October

      The symposium on the technologies associated with White Salt, organised by the NewcomenNorth, will take place at The Lion Salt Works Museum outside Northwich on 20 October. Cheshire salt was known to the Celts and the Romans, but the emergence of Cheshire into Britain’s primary salt source was dependent on the development of the local […]

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