Dr Bryan Temple

Graduating as a physicist from the university of Bradford (1969) and then Leeds (1974) , Bryan Temple first worked as a researcher in the glass industry studying their electronic properties. He moved to the microfilm industry as project manager where he designed microfilm readers and reader-printers and in 1980 he joined a young company as technical director and oversaw the design and production of assembly directors for the electronic manufacturing sector. In 1992 he joined Glasgow Polytechnic (subsequently Glasgow Caledonian University) to head a course entitled “Business and Manufacturing Engineering”. Whilst there, he pioneered international team projects between engineering and business students working by means of mixed media, especially video conferencing for which he received a prize from the Decision Science Institute.
He has led and/or participated in a number of European projects associated with university management or with new forms of teaching. Currently, he is retired but divides his time between designing products for the disabled and researching our industrial past. He is currently researching the influence of John Smeaton on Scotland’s heritage.